iStent® Technology and The Power of Data with Dr. Colin Clement at APAO 2023

The air of modern glaucoma is electric with the data in the Fight Glaucoma Blindness! (FGB!) registry, and there’s tons to be excited about. Media MICE correspondent Matt Herman took a seat with renowned Aussie glaucoma specialist Dr. Colin Clement to talk about the research and power of data in enhancing patient outcomes with the revolutionary iStent® technology. Dr. Clement talked extensively about the research done on the iStent inject®, and how the data coming out of it is changing eyes and lives around the globe. The iStent inject’s pioneering history as one of the world’s first MIGS devices means there’s gobs of data out there to help optimize outcomes with the device. Dr. Clement went into a deep dive on the data, and even shared some of his own pearls of wisdom for people looking to get started with the device and a data-based approach in the clinic and OR.