Fight Uveitis Blindness!

FUB! Is the most ambitious of the Save Sight Registries to date. It will track data on the presentation, course, treatment and outcome of eyes affected by uveitis 


The Fight Uveitis Blindness! Registry

Uveitis is a group of inflammatory eye diseases that can affect people of all ages, ranging from young children to the elderly. Severe disease may cause visual loss or blindness. Despite this, there are few good quality publications relating to uveitis in the medical literature because individual uveitis syndromes are often relatively rare. Registry data will be particularly useful in the study of uveitis, allowing a large amount of data to be collected from multiple centres around the world.

FUB! will collect information on:

  • All forms of uveitis
  • Scleritis
  • Infective causes of inflammation e.g. endogenous bacterial and fungal infection
  • Masquerade syndromes including intraocular lymphoma

FUB will track:

  • Visual acuity
  • SUN grading of inflammation
  • Diagnosis and diagnostic testing
  • Treatment: topical drugs, systemic drugs, intravitreal treatments, laser treatments and surgery
  • Response to treatment and outcomes
    Complications of treatment

FUB outputs:

  • Longitudinal and graphical data for any given eye – this may be printed off and serve as a basis for completing the medical record
  • Audit data
  • Research outputs: natural history of disease and response to treatment

The platform may be accessed online anywhere in the world. It is envisaged that this collaborative approach will allow a large quantity of useful information to be collected. This will make a significant difference to patient outcomes. The project will be ongoing so the dataset will continue to improve with time. There is already a great deal of interest from institutions in Australia and abroad and we have agreed to share the platform with Moorfields Eye Hospital, the largest ophthalmic centre in the world.

Chief Investigator

Richard Symes


Co-Investigator, Save Sight Registries Fight Uveitis Blindness!