All collaborators are welcome

Clinicians and their staff, including optometrists, orthoptists, practice managers and support staff can join the Registries. Support staff can enter data on behalf of multiple clinicians.

Tracking and analysis

SSR provides an interactive visual graph of each patient’s treatment journey. The graph can be useful for helping your patients understand their progress and the impact of treatment.

Publications and collaborations

You will receive invitations to participate in national and international audits and contribute data and co-author publications. You can also publish your own data.


Use our ‘outcomes report’ function to anonymously compare your patient outcomes to other Users in the system.

Benefits of joining

High quality data

Minimum data sets ensure that data are complete, high quality and suitable for analysis.

Patient-reported outcomes

Collect patient-reported outcome measures through targeted questionnaires. Questionnaires can be completed during a visit, through an emailable link or via a print-out.

Continuing Professional Development

In Australia and New Zealand, Ophthalmologists and orthoptists can claim CPD points for using the Registries.

How to join


Submit an access request

Visit and click ‘request access’ to submit a request form.

If you are a clinician or will be entering data for your own patients select the ‘clinician’ role. If you are a support staff member or will be entering data on behalf of other clinicians select the ‘clinical assistant’ role.


Acquire ethics approval

All sites must have ethics approval from a local human research ethics committee (HREC) before using the Registries. You may need to apply for approval if your site:

  • Is in a country that is not yet using the Registries
  • Requires site-specific ethics approval
  • Needs ethics approval for a specific module of the Registries

We will contact you and provide supporting documentation if ethics approval is required. Certain sites may also need to sign a Research Participation Agreement with the University of Sydney, which owns the Registries.


Complete a short training session

All Users must complete a mandatory training session before gaining access to SSR. The session covers the data entry protocol for the Registries.

Training can be completed online via our video training module, or through an instructor-led training session held via video conference and will take 25 to 30 minutes to complete.


Start entering your data

You will gain access to the Registries once you have completed the training session. Data entry is quick and easy and can be integrated into your practice. You can add patients as you see them or enter retrospective data into the system.