Fight Retinal Blindness!

Professors Mark Gillies and Daniel Barthelmes pioneered the FRB! registry, which allows retinal specialists to track and analyse their real-world outcomes to guide the management of retinal disease. The registry has expanded globally and continues to inform best clinical practice from the data-driven insights generated.

The patient-centered mandatory fields have enabled our team to curate the highest quality outcomes data from over 500 active contributors in ANZ, Europe and Asia.

This academic initiative has led to more than 60 high impact manuscripts from FRB! contributors and in collaboration with life science supportive partners.

Exemplifying this impact, the FRB! registry has provided some of the strongest evidence from routine clinical practice demonstrating superior efficacy of “treat and extend” regimens over “pro-re-nata” regimens for the treatment of neovascular AMD leading to changes in healthcare practice internationally.

A number of other ophthalmic disease registries have been created by the Save Sight Registries team building on the success of the FRB! registry.

Join and partner with us to track, analyse and report on these high-quality clinical outcomes.

Prof. Mark Gillies – founded FRB! 2007

Director of Research, Save Sight Institute, The University of Sydney

Director, Macula Research Group, Save Sight Institute

Head, Medical Retina Unit, Sydney Eye Hospital

Chair of the International Consortium for Health Outcome Measurement working group for the standard set of AMD treatment outcomes

The problem we are uniquely positioned to solve

Globally 1 in 3 people suffer from vision impairment, and almost half of these case could be prevented or improved. Many clinicians helping these patients store data about their patients in siloed or paper records, preventing analysis and insights offer by academic research.

The Save Sight Registries Modules

The Save Sight Registries are divided into modules using the FRB! macular degeneration module as a foundation. Individual steering committees made up of field specialist ensure each module caters to the unique aspects of each pathology.

Fight Retinal Blindness!

The FRB! Project is the first and largest project in SSR. It tracks treatments for neovascular age-related macular degeneration (nAMD), choroidal neovascularisation, diabetic retinopathy and retinal vein occlusion.

Fight Corneal Blindness!

The FCB! project focuses on keratoconus and includes a module specifically for optometrists. Most recently it expanded to include dry eye

Fight Glaucoma Blindness!

FGB! tracks all forms of a patient’s glaucoma journey with all treatments including topical therapy, Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS) devices and other incisional surgery.

Fight Tumour Blindness!

The FTB! project collects data on survival and quality of life following treatment of ocular melanoma – a rare form of cancer

Fight Uveitis Blindness!

The FUB! project tracks All forms of uveitis, scleritis,
infective causes of inflammation and
masquerade syndromes including intraocular lymphoma

Fight Inherited Retinal Blindness!

The FIRB! project expands FRB! to included inherited retinal conditions and emerging therapies

Who can our data driven insights help?


Get the best possible care informed by real world insights


Snapshot dynamic view of your patients’ therapeutic journey

Life science partners

Understand how your therapeutics are helping patients in the real world

Regulatory and policy bodies

Gain a global perspective to optimally inform decisions

Benefits for Clinicians

All of the modules and projects are offered free of charge to clinicians and their staff

Track your patient’s journey using a dynamic interface – easy and accurate decision making

Perform benchmarking and anonymous comparisons with the dataset

Contribute to sight saving data-driven insights and collaborate in user-driven manuscripts